Lesson structure

Each week, children receive an individual and a group lesson, both of which are equally important.

  • Individual lessons start at 30 minutes for beginners and increase according to the student’s level. In the beginning, the lesson time is used for the parent, while the child observes. When they are ready, the child gradually takes over the lesson time, with the parent remaining actively involved.
  • Group lessons are 30 minutes long, and get longer as the student progresses. Group lessons are for both the student and the parent.

Workshops with guest teachers, masterclasses, and concerts are an enriching part of the curriculum.

Where and When?

Classes are given in my home studio on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday in Oud-West.

Classes are at the Accademia Filarmonica on Wednesday and Saturday in Wittevrouwen.


Lessons cost approximately €120 per month and increase according to level and curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much commitment is expected from the parent or caregiver?

The parent plays a key role in creating a positive learning environment and helping with home practice. For very young learners, parents learn the basics of the instrument first, in order to serve as an example and be able to help the child at home. During lessons, the parent is present, actively observing and taking notes. That makes this an exciting learning process for both parents and children and creates an opportunity for meaningful quality time together.

Parents encourage their children with each tiny step of progress they make and support their child as they move along their musical path.

How much practice is needed?

Learning to play and master an instrument requires commitment. Student progress is dependent on consistent and effective practice.

Daily practice typically lasts as long as the individual lesson. However, for young children, practising lasts only as long as the child’s concentration span, which, in the beginning, may only be a few minutes. With time, concentration gradually increases to the full length of the lesson and beyond.

What about an instrument?

Please do not buy or rent an instrument without first consulting with me. Together we will find a good quality instrument in a suitable size.

What age can my child begin lessons?

Formal lessons begin around the age of four. You and your child can already start observing other children’s lessons and join in group activities beforehand. Please contact me for more information.

Following the parallel of learning a language, music education starts from birth. By exposing your child to as much music as possible through daily listening, singing together, and going to concerts, they are already receiving musical training.

How do we get started?

As a first step, I invite you to come and observe our lessons. This way you can see how I work and interact with both my students and their parents. There is no charge to observe. You are most welcome!

Interested? Come and take a look!

See first-hand both our group and individual lessons. Gain insights into how I work and interact with students and their parents as they develop in their musical journey. There is no charge to observe.

Observe a lesson