Testimonials from parents

As parents, we would like to thank Hanna for her love, dedication and passion towards our son, not only in teaching him the violin but also being a part of his physical and mental growth. We have witnessed tremendous development in our son through his years of learning, including his listening skills, concentration and curiosity to explore music. He is very blessed to have a teacher like Hanna and I feel incredibly grateful to have my son learning the violin under her guidance. The most important thing I value in the Suzuki method is that by observing and listening to music everyday any child can learn. There is a lot of emphasis on parents' contribution towards their child’s training, making the entire family more involved in the learning process. It helps the child learn in a comfortable and happy environment with lots of confidence and strength. Thanks Hanna, for your endurance, fun and happy filled lessons, enthusiasm, diligent efforts and passion you provide each and every day. My son feels very comfortable and confident to learn more and cherishes all the beautiful lessons he has learned from you.

Sirisha, mother of student, age 6

Emi always says that Hanna is one of her favourite teachers amongst all that she has ever had because the lessons are very comfortable and friendly for her. The lesson flow is well structured and the tasks/exercises set by Hanna are understandable to my daughter and myself too. Great attention goes into each student's individual abilities, therefore the atmosphere of the lessons is always comfortable, informative, and inspiring, making the results visible and clear. Hanna is a talented violinist who has studied with exceptional teachers; she is a professional who can't live without music, a very organised and responsible person, and a wholesome and welcoming teacher.

Gulnara, mother of student, age 11

My daughter has been learning with Hanna for the past year. Hanna is an amazing violin teacher with extraordinary commitment to what she does. We are glad we found Hanna to teach my daughter, she is so patient, friendly and sweet. She understands my daughter and teaches according to her pace. My daughter simply loves Hanna and waits for classes.

Maithri, mother of student, age 4

Hanna is very creative and well organised, with a good sense of humour. A great communicator of her rich knowledge, she connects very well with my child which makes the lessons fun and engaging. Her devotion to her career is outstanding. She has gone beyond standard repertoire and taught pieces my son loves. In the end they played such a great duet together during his lesson; performing with such professionalism for the one sole spectator, me. My son has developed a great ear for music. It makes him very happy that after watching a movie he can pick up his violin and find the notes to a song he liked from the film. After 3 or 4 attempts he is playing the melody. He has become more aware that "practice makes progress" and he applies this to everything he wants to master in life. Playing the violin has become a part of his lifestyle. Every year that passes by he checks all of the pieces that he has learned and feels so proud of himself, the same way he feels when he masters a piece for a concert. I see it is a great way of building his self-esteem; he has learned to be persistent and to overcome obstacles in order to reach a goal. Also, we have grown closer as we spend time together in the fun times and frustrating times during the learning process. Enrolling him for another term of violin lessons is like enrolling him for school. We were very lucky to have Hanna as my son's violin teacher.

Rocio, mother of student, age 8

I never imagined that my son would show any interest in music, let alone playing the violin, nor did I think that I would learn violin and teach my son to play. Suzuki is such a beautiful method of learning where the teacher and the parent collaborate to achieve the same goal of teaching the child. Right from the process of preparing for an upcoming concert to being part of clapping lessons, it’s a transformational experience for the whole family. My son had the attention span of a fly when he started classes with Hanna and it was impossible to teach him anything. 2 years later, he plays flawless Bach and is ready to explore Dvorak. He loves expressing himself through music. Hanna has empowered me to dream big and plan a grand scheme for my son in the music world. Coming from a non-musical family, this experience has been such a blessing. My son feels so special and genuinely believes that playing violin is his super power now. Thank you Hanna for your ocean of patience with the kids and your passion in inspiring us to play the violin. How you do what you do is still an enigma.

Chandra, father of student, age 6

Hanna is fluent in English and Dutch and creates a comfortable atmosphere that makes the children go gladly to her classes. Children always want to hear that they played well and to correct them can be very disappointing. Hanna can give compliments and at the same time instructions to improve in a creative and stimulating way. She keeps learning and improving her skills as a teacher and is a great example for her students. My son likes to go to violin classes and I am happy that through the violin he develops skills such as concentration, sensibility, coordination and attention span.

Simona, mother of student, age 9

How full of warmth, positive energy, and creativity you are! You put a joyful spin on every lesson. You spontaneously adapt your lessons to what the child needs at that moment, while keeping the focus on the learning objective. As parents, we find it beautiful to be actively involved in practicing. Among other things this helps our daughter continue playing the violin. We as parents learn a lot too, and it's not only things that have to do with music. Practicing together strengthens the bond we have. We are very happy with you, Hanna!

Michel, father of student, age 8