Joining students in discovering and developing their potential as people, through music.

During lessons, I connect with students through the joy of music and learning. I bring with me the knowledge and passion I have inherited from my own teachers, as well as more than 20 years of experience teaching and performing. The Suzuki method guides my teaching and enables me to work alongside young children from age 4 and their families.

Lessons are in English and Dutch.

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We play the violin.

Together with parents, I create an environment in which students can engage their sense of curiosity and deepen their love of music, while healthy technique is instilled in a playful, nurturing way.

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Parents, I will be with you along the way

My role is to accompany parents in the beautiful task of nurturing their children through music. We work together to build effective practice strategies and create an environment which helps their child feel happy as they grow. I am available outside of lesson times to answer questions and provide feedback on practice videos.

Each lesson is an opportunity to discover new concepts for everyone involved: students, parents, and myself!

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What are the benefits?

Learning to play and master an instrument develops attributes such as listening, critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, team work, and emotional mastery. Fostering these skills empowers students, as people, in all of their pursuits. Learning alongside your child is a unique opportunity for quality time together. It can be a rewarding bonding experience.

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As parents, we find it beautiful to be actively involved in practicing. Among other things this helps our daughter continue playing the violin. We as parents learn a lot too, and it's not only things that have to do with music. Practicing together strengthens the bond we have.

Michel, father of student, age 8

The group lessons are so important for us as we get to observe other children. They learn, they copy, and they inspire each other. The Suzuki teachers offer amazing and engaging games that make them feel happy to attend and look forward to the group lessons

Rocio, mother of student, age 8

I appreciate the Suzuki method because it is based on developing music skills through listening as we do with our mother tongue rather than immediately concentrating on reading in order to play. That makes students play freely while 'listening' to themselves playing. Individual as well as group lessons are also both very enriching.

Simona, mother of student, age 9

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See first-hand both our group and individual lessons. Gain insights into how I work and interact with students and their parents as they develop in their musical journey. There is no charge to observe.

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